PM 9730 Chain Transfer

The chain transfer is used for 90° change of direction for horizontal transport of full and empty pallets. For each chain run, a duplex precision roller chain with straight links is used as a transport chain. The transport chain is guided in a plastic chain guide. Compact transfer to the subsequent conveyor is possible to a low deflection radius of only 43 mm. The integrated tensioning station with 180° wrap allows for easy re-tensioning of the chain. The drive station of the transport chains is positioned between the runs under the track. The parallel lift occurs electrically and is supported with maintenance-free ball bearings. Floor irregularities can easily be compensated with adjustable supports. The module is available with two or three chain runs. If bagged materials or bulk cargo, poor pallet quality or weights of more than 1,000 kg are being handled, we recommend using a chain conveyor with three chain runs.