Interroll Carton Wheel Flow

With the availability of various unloading types, the Interroll Carton Wheel Flow bed has been designed in an ergonomic way to allow highest picking rates and a fast return on investment. It is a perfect solution for unit loads with flat and rigid bottoms. With the universal connector, the Interroll Carton Flow beds can be installed on most types of racking, regardless of the brand, even in tough conditions to -30° C.

With different variants of unloading methodsregular, 5°, 10° and 15°the Carton Wheel Flow is the best way to increase your picking rate up to 150 picks per hour in a safe way. The rate can be increased up to 800 picks per hour when the Carton Wheel flow is combined with a pick-to-light system.

The new Carton Wheel Flow solution is available in various widths of up to 3,600 mm and depths of up to 4,552 mm for configurable versions and up to 10,336 mm for engineered solutions to meet all requirements of common racking systems. In addition, many options like guides, back-stop for automatic loading method, breaking and loading plates and moreare available to fulfill your specific needs.

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What is new?

- New bed design: One profile type for loading and unloading support, side frame and intermediate beam.

- 30 percent faster assembly: Fewer parts to fix and clipless mounting.

- Easy placement of pick-to-light: A continuous end stop allows to fix a pick-to-light-system in a “continuous way”.

- Flexibility: Easy track relocation, even at -30°C

- Entry guide: Tool-free mounting, easy adjustments.

- Innovative connection: Patented solution to easily connect loading and unloading support to the side frame.

Wheel Track

The wheel track is the Carton Wheel Flow bed’s central component. The number of wheel tracks – as well as their spacing – is not determined by bed width. Rather, it is a question of the number and width of carton channels that the application calls for. The adaptation of wheel pitch to the properties of particular types of unit loads like shape, material, rigidity, weight, and bottom characteristics is very easy and unique on the market.

Reliable functionality: The wheel track has a pyramidal shape. This ensures that the heavier the load the more the profile closes. The extremely stable full width steel axle remains firmly connected to the profile. Proven!

Interroll Carton Flow: the fastest Installation, want to bet?

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