Interroll Vertical crossbelt sorter

The main feature of Interroll's vertical crossbelt sorter with linear, straight routing ("above – below") is its distinctive space-saving design because of its compact, modular approach. A minimum width of 1.7 m is already sufficient, e.g., for a vertical sorter with a crossbelt carriage measuring 400 x 400 mm. This configuration can also save valuable space, if full containers are transported into the sorter. This is unique on the market. The infeed on the vertical sorter usually starts with an accumulating conveyor in front of the actual sorter - a simple conveyor belt. Operators are able to manually feed goods directly onto this accumulating conveyor - a cost-effective and ergonomic solution. The accumulating conveyor can, of course, also be loaded via semi-automated or fully-automated infeeds.

General technical data


Cardboard boxes, small packages, padded envelopes, packaged food, catalog goods, manila envelopes, multimedia products, clothing, etc.

Dimensions/unit weight

min. (L x W x H): 100 x 80 x 5 mm 100 g max. (L x W x H): 600 x 600 x 500 mm 35 kg

Double carrier max. (L x W x H)

max. (L x W x H): 1200 x 800 x 800 mm 35 kg

Power/speed (examples)

Cross-belt carriage 335 x 300: 15000 carriages/h at 1.65 m/s Cross belt carriage 600 x 800: 8500 carriers/h at 1.7 m/s

Sorter (PDF. 21 MB) Download