Series 3500 heavy

Application area

Particularly suited for driven transport of heavy materials that require a small roller pitch, such as pallets and steel containers.

Very robust design

Welded steel sprockets and steel tube with a dimension of 60 x 3 mm enable reaching a high mechanical stability of the conveyor roller. To achieve a high axial load capacity, the bearing housing opposite of the drive side is not only pressed into the tube, but also flanged.

High load capacity

A stable, continuous female threaded shaft with Ø 17 mm ensures a high degree of reinforcement of the conveyor. Reinforced precision ball bearings of type 6003 are used. A corresponding small roller pitch is possible for the transport of very heavy goods.

High corrosion protection

After the welding process, the components consisting of tube, sprockets and flanges are individually zinc-plated, thereby achieving a high corrosion protection.

Lateral loading

The tube ends opposite the drive side are rounded, thereby allowing materials to be easily moved on from the side. Axial forces are removed through ball bearings and seals.